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ECM’s mission is to be the best energy procurement and energy management company in the United States. We are driven to bring you the most intelligent, creative, transparent and financially attractive energy solutions to benefit your organization’s bottom line—and to care for the planet that we all share.


In deregulated markets, it’s critical to work with the energy procurement and management experts.

Established in 2003, ECM is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced energy solutions teams in the U.S. Compared to larger global competitors, the ECM team has both a deeper understanding of your regional energy market and the organizational dexterity to capitalize on market opportunities as they arise.

ECM’s custom-tailored solutions and market recommendations are supported by a superior analytical backbone featuring our proprietary ECM STRATEGIC PROFILER and continual analysis of thousands of meaningful data points. The optimal energy solutions we identify inform the most efficient and cost effective decisions you can make.

Our innovative solutions teams are in constant contact with you to develop, manage and optimize your energy budget to meet your financial goals and manage market risk. From the purchase of the first kilowatt, through its effective use in your facility, to its financial entry in your annual report, ECM is there to manage your entire energy procurement experience.

ECM also engages world-renowned economists annually to refine our thinking on influential key market indicators—all to ensure that each solution we create for you is thoroughly vetted for both short and long term goals.

Holistic, fully-integrated and client-driven energy solutions for your organization

ECM’s extensive energy experience and flexible automation spans both the supply side and the demand side, providing  holistic energy solutions tailored to your organization’s distinct needs.

Supporting a diverse fortune 500 client base, our expertise tells us that one size does not fit all. While there are many similarities across industries, there are also particular sector nuances that require creativity and forward thinking that only the ECM solutions team and our partners can provide.

We are pioneers in the deregulated energy marketplace with milestones including:

• One of the first companies to participate in the electric wholesale procurement arena

• The first company to launch innovative vertical solutions like Open Book Energy for the real estate sector

• In coordination with our strategic partner Trane, an instrumental player in the broad implementation of cost effective ice storage solutions for clients in the New York metro area.

ECM’s senior management is among the select few leadership groups actively engaged in developing innovative smart grid initiatives. This same innovative team is also on-call to directly respond to your inquiries and requests throughout the energy procurement and management process.

ECM’s integrated energy solutions can deliver savings of up to 25%

ECM has a proven track record of delivering substantial savings to our clients. Depending on procurement level, our use of more sophisticated retail buying strategies and direct-from-ISO wholesale market access, ECM can deliver procurement savings of 5%-15% compared to standard retail pricing. In addition, our comprehensive understanding of infrastructure technology and local utility rates, in combination with our combined suite of energy management services, can produce total savings of up to 25%.

Additionally, our flat and highly efficient organizational structure allows us to charge our clients lower fees compared to our global competitors. As you know, energy savings plus lower fees produces stronger net revenue for you.

ECM has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

ECM has the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. At ECM, we are only as good as your satisfaction–which is why we’re proud of our nearly 100% client retention rate from our inception. We take great pride in knowing that we save our clients time, money and energy each day, and we believe that our industry expertise and commitment to excellence will continue to benefit our clients for years to come.

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