ECM helps customers focus on financially viable microgrid solutions. ECM's wholesale procurement capabilities, as well as experience with onsite renewable generation, cogeneration, demand response, and energy storage, uniquely position us to assist larger clients thinking about developing their own microgrids.


Microgrid Feasibility Study and Management

Cutting costs isn’t enough today. Generating revenue in new and unexpected ways is the order of the day. So for larger companies looking to unlock both energy savings and earning potential from their own microgrids, ECM leads the way.

Our wholesale procurement capabilities and in-depth knowledge of multiple Distributed Energy Resources (DER) technologies uniquely positions us to help you develop your own microgrid.

We’re here to help you bid and schedule DER assets directly into multiple markets to enhance income potential (as opposed to solely using Demand Response opportunities). And our engineers and wholesale market experts deliver the experience and insights you need to maximize the earning potential of your microgrid.

Guided by ECM’s microgrid feasibility study, you will:

I. Determine the best DER resources for your enterprise goals

II. Analyze income-producing DER resources activities

III. Model financial impact of proposed project