Energy Audit & Central Plant Infrastructure Development

ECM combines the technical expertise of engineers, the market acumen of traders and the scrutiny of financial analysts to provide you with highly customized and extraordinarily efficient energy solutions.


Providing robust understanding of what powers your facilities—as well as the numbers behind the power.

Working seamlessly with our facility development partner Trane, ECM will meet all of your demand-side energy efficiency needs, from a simple energy audit to our complete suite of energy solutions. ECM’s role in the Trane partnership is to provide financial analysis including energy modeling, rate implications and energy market impact as well as securing any available subsidies. Trane’s Energy Services Group provides savvy technical expertise, financial strength, leading HVAC equipment and turn-key construction services.

While other companies have the ability to articulate an obvious technical solution and broader, high level financial reviews, the ECM/Trane team uncovers not-so-obvious recommendations through more comprehensive infrastructure analysis. This integrated view incorporates an in-depth look at a facility’s total system, typically including an assessment of complicated utility rate structures, available government subsidies, key financial metrics such as NPV, IRR and sensitivity analysis, and the use of energy modeling software when appropriate. This method results in more accurate assessments and higher probabilities of attaining significant savings. Our energy infrastructure development capabilities include, but are not limited to:

• Chiller Plant Installation, Expansion, Retrofit

• Controls Installation, Expansion, Retrofit (Energy Management Systems)

• Thermal Storage

• Electric Generation—(Cogeneration, Peak Shaving, Emergency)

• Green Projects (Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic)

• Other Demand Side Management Projects (Motors, Drives, Lighting, etc.)

Energy Bill Auditing:

ECM’s comprehensive utility bill audit—conducted on numerous utility bill components—will help you secure the maximum utility refunds you deserve.

ECM leverages your existing utility bill data by accessing it directly from your utility company’s website or from your third-party bill processor. Once data is captured, we analyze numerous billing components to our independent calculations that go well beyond month over month comparisons. We flag bill anomalies or rate inquiries, reviewing them with you before bringing them to your utility company’s attention for immediate action and refunding.

We also illuminate any tariff regulatory changes that might affect your billed rates and perform a thorough analysis of your current utility rates compared to prices in the retail and wholesale markets.